RUIMTEVELDWERK (RVW), founded in 2013, is an Brussels (BE) based interdisciplinary collective dealing with the urban environment and its users. The collective’s intention is to study ‘the place’ of vulnerable populations in the public sphere – read more

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contact: info@ruimteveldwerk.be

Bruss-it 2024:
RVW’s proposal ‘Ruimte voor rust, ontspanning en ontmoeting met Brussel haar meest kwetsbare ‘inwoners’.’ has been selected as one of the twenty Bruss-it projects by Flemish Community Commission (VGC)  – read more soon

BMA Label BMA #2 2024:
RVW’s proposal ‘How and what space do we create for a solidarity-based super-diverse neighbourhood city its most vulnerable ‘inhabitants’?’ has been selected as one of the three projects for the BMA Label by the Brussels Government Architect (bouwmeester maître architecte – read more soon

VUURWERK, Living De Post 2023:
Participatory workshops with youngsters from the OKAN class (Petrus & Paulusinstituut VTI) in the framework of the festival ‘VUURWERK‘ in the public foyer of the cultural centre De Grote Post in Ostend – read more soon

Residency De Grote Post & VIERNULVIER  2023:
Exploratory research in the framework of ‘Places of Solidarity in Public Space’ in the public foyers of cultural centre De Grote Post in Ostend and arts centre VIERNULVIER in Ghent – read more soon

Bouwmeester Label 019 2019-2022:
RVW’s proposal ‘Places of Solidarity in Public Space’, in collaboration with LAVA architects and Vluchtelingenwerk Vlaanderen, has been selected as one of the three research projects for the BWMSTR Label by the Flemish Government Architect and the Flanders Architecture Institute – read more

Bruges triennale 2017-2018:
RVW is taking part in Bruges Triennale 2018, the contemporary art and architecture trail in the historic city centre – read more

Oslo Architecture triennale 2016:
RVW’s intervention strategy ‘Modes of Movement’ (at asylum center Torshov, Oslo) was selected to be developed as part of the 2016 Oslo Architecture Triennale’s core program – read more

Kanal Play Ground 2014:
RVW’s intervention strategy ‘Cités Canalisées’ for Brussels’ Canal Zone was selected for the atelier ‘vision’ – read more

Ruimteveldwerk vzw – Rue Gustave Schildknechtstraat 13, 1020 Brussels